Once more unto the Shadows, dear friends

Last session, our intrepit Runners made it to Denver, at last. Time to meet new friends and enemies.

Sessions 7 - 11

Sunday, May 26th

9:00 AM

Wake up

10:00 AM

Party ready to go

10:30 AM
Party arrives at NPC team safe house, and attempts to disguise as delivery/courier.
Bribed their way into the building, and discovered blood inside the out-of-order elevator and took a sample.

Since elevator is out of order, they start to climb the stairs;

Break on 2nd floor

Break on 3rd floor

10:45 AM

Break on 4th floor

Break on 5th floor

10:55 AM

Break on 7th floor

11:00 AM

Arrive on 9th floor

And enter southern apartment; they identify the wall where the camera is, and Vidarr sets his deck to jamming and jammes every remote device within a 100m.

Found camera, credstick behind bed (650 nuyen) and a dozen shell casings of different types.


Party on the way back down.

12:20 PM

Party watches video, calls Doc Boris to meet up.


Party heads back to safe house and searches for clues, as given in recording. After some searching found the note that was left Sugar Daddy hidden in an art piece.


Party sends detailed report with video’s, explanations and so on.

Vidarr calls cop contact and asked him to look talk to James’s “girlfriend”. Cop tells Vidarr that there was B&E reported at the location of the girlfriend, but the were sent packing by the lady.

Doc Boris is analyzing the blood, fiber and tissue samples that were collected in the apartment, and so far could rule out that all samples collected in the apartment do not belong to anyone he knows or has treated in the past. The sample from the elevator however, might belong to James, but it is too far deteriorated due to bleach used to clean the elevator.

18:00 PM

Doc Boris hints that PHX, might be name for someone called Phoenix, who is active in the Shadows for atleast 20 years

Matrix Search for PHX = Dragon; Secret Cabal; Rumor

20:00 PM

Recovered Bongo’s head that was put on a stake in the middle of his safe house; gold coin in his mouth. Also recovered a satin coin bag, with 5 Atzlan gold coins (logo of stylist feathered serpent); recovered lackered box with satin cloth with 28 reg. cred sticks and unrelated leather ledger, with encrypted text; pay data worth $15,000 +15% of future, if any, proceeds)

Cred-Stick Values:
1. 900
5. 700
7. unknown
Unknown cred-sticks are blank Lvl4 SIN

Session 8 Game date: Monday, May 27th 2075 / real date 7/3/2014

21:00 PM

Party arrives back at their safe house.

Vidarr breaks the encryption (read file) on the unknown cred-sticks with the lvl 4 fake blank SINs

Monday 27th 2075

09:00 AM

Group wakes up; Doc has Bongo’s head prepped in the shower and removed the cybereyes and pheromone glands.

09:30 AM

Message from Orlando: Meet at Crazy Nutters;
Receive money for ledger and info about friend of James and decide to go see him.

10:15 AM

Arrival at James’ friend, Roger Smithers, Esq. in high end northern Seattle neighborhood. Since their vehicle is still bearing the marking of LaserShip Courier Services, the try to find a set of coveralls via one of Vidarr’s contacts, but are not successful. They call Roger Smithers, and talk to the butler, who puts them on hold to talk to Master Roger. At the same time, the burner phone is pinged via the cell towers for an approximate location. After a few minutes the butler gets back on the line and asks if the party can call back in 10 minutes, since Master Roger is busy currently.

10:30 AM

Vidarr calls Roger Smithers again as requested and they agree to meet at Roger’s place.

Garask receives “packet delivered” notification for MAD sensors for his drones. A few minutes later notification is sent to pick up larger package at local LaserShip facility.

13:00 PM – 18:00 PM

18:00 PM

Garask mounts a Remington 950 on one the hover drones, and afterwards they go and want to check in with James’ girlfriend.

Went by Garask’s house to pick up some stuff, and party felt that they were observed. Found claw marks and what seems to be a :”landing” area on top the roof near the spot where the suspected observer was.

Placed motion detection cameras on roof and entrance of Garask’s apartment

21:00 PM

Went to James’s girlfriends apartment and left a burner phone for her to call Vidar.

22:00 PM

Garask mount the MAD sensors on two drones, keeps third as reserve; Vid hits the hay.

Tuesday, 28th May 2075

10:00 AM

Vid goes by his weapons dealer contact to pick up LaserShip uniform, and bought a Pular taser.


Party is waiting for:

Call from Orlando in regard to Denver
Info from Doc about the two cerebral memory banks from Bongo’s head
Call back from Sugar Daddy’s girlfriend

Session End

Session #10 Begin

Tuesday, May 28th 2075


No call from Sugar Daddy’s girl friend

Call from Doc, saying that he has something to show. They agree to meet at Doc’s clinic/lab in the barrens.

12:50 PM
Arrival at Doc’s; discussing memory contents with Doc:

Data Stored in Bongo’s Memory Bank #1

10209 136th Str E

Data Stored in Bongo’s Memory Bank #2

Labeled: “Phoenix”? – Berlin 2054
Grainy video feed; seems like to be taken from some distance away.
Timestamp on video: 23.5.2054-23:41

Berlin; small plaza with burning oil drums spread around; few squatters

first 10 seconds footage: 6 persons (1 seems to be a troll) advance on 3 story house in far corner, exchanging fire with occupants – CUT

Group enters building after fire fight with occupants

23.5.2054-23:44 – 23.5.2054-23:47
Explosions can be seen to go off through the window shades and boards – grenades and magic

5 Persons come running out of the house, and pause

Large explosion in top floor, takes out segments of wall and blows our windows and frames; partially vents through roof.

Burning figure or person on fire leaves the building and moves towards group

Burning figure and group seem to be motioning

Group runs off and vanishes in alley, outside of screen; burning figure vanishes.

Footage end 23.5.2054-23:51

14:30 PM
Arrival at Crazy Nutter;s, but they have to wait a bit since Armin and Orlando are talking to King James (Fixer – Arcology Podcast).

15:00 PM
Meet with Armin and Orlando; talk about the memory banks and the runners are sent to Puyallup to check out the address from the head memory.

Arrival near the HRGMC

17:00 PM
Scouting the HRGMC / talking to squatters.

Guard on roof discovered Garask’s Fly-Spy and shot it.

Vidarr buys 2 hits of BTL from squatter.

Party removed itself from the location, and called it in to Armin.

17:50 PM
Armin, Orlando and 6 heavy hitters, on loan from Kings James arrive at parties location.

Raid on HRGMC starts with Garaks sniping the spotter on the roof; raiding party in 2nd Roadmasters crashes through the front door and disembarks, and engages the enemy. The three opponents are dispatched quickly in the ensuing firefight. two are killed by King James’ muscles and the third critical glitched on a grenade through.

Session #11
Tuesday 28th of May, 2075

Fight continued in HRGMC and opposition is dispatched quickly. A number of prisoners (4) was taken, in addition to a sizable number of weapons, equipment and other loot (incl. two cyber decks)
Opposition included 2 elementals (1 Earth, 1 Fire), and Vidarr dispatched the opposing mage while Orlando was battling the fire elemental. The earth elemental was killed by Garask with a well aimed shot.

Party sold surplus weapons and ammo to weapon’s dealer contact of Vidarr for 55K.

After successful raid, party met with Armin, Orlando and King James in the Crazy Nutters for debrief and payment.

Preparation for Denver begins.

Player Handout/Email:
After concluding today’s business, of meeting with Armin, Phoenix and King James; scouting out the location of the former hospital in Puyallup; playing an essential part in the raid on the said location; meeting with Armin, Phoenix and King James once again; AND selling the loot of today’s endeavors, you make it finally back to your safe house.

Flipping through the trid, you once again flip to a the WTFSN news channel:

++++ WTFSN News Flash ++++ WTFSN News Flash ++++

[Female, platinum blonde Newscaster]

Earlier today, a Knight Errant raid, in the Seattle suburb of Puyallup, was the successful conclusion of a month long investigation into the illegal production of an advanced form of BTL. This illegal BTL laboratory was, as it seems located on the premises of the old General Medical Care facilities

[Video footage running in background: Showing two (familiar) Ares Roadmaster (one of which has a very distinct Eye-Cancer Green paint job) parked in the vicinity of the SHGMC. One half buried in the front door, the other just off the road, firing towards the building’s roof. Additionally, a number of rotor drones can be seen flying around the area and firing at targets in the facility.]

[Hispanic male news caster]

As it can be seen, the brave men and women of Knight Errant work restlessly to make Seattle saver. Sources inside the force told WTFSN that a number of suspects were killed during in the ensuing firefight. Further reports indicate that one Knight Errant office was injured and that a number of suspects were taken in custody.

[Video still running in background showing the Troll Samurai still firing into the building, while one of the Humans can be seen bandaging up the Elf that got injured when your team entered the premise. However, the video seems to have been edited, and no details in regards to the identity of the participants are shown; except of course the two trucks.]

[Video footage in background fades out to show the WTFSN logo]

++++ WTFSN News Flash ++++ WTFSN News Flash ++++

Well.. dreck.. time to paint the truck again… or not?

Well.. dreck.. time to paint the truck again… or not?

Session 6
A new Job

Party prepares report to Orlando and sends it off encrypted.

Answer from Orlando (money 5k +150 daily fee)) and come to Crazy Nutters at 4 PM

4:00 PM
Arrival at Crazy Nutters, meeting with Orlando.

Party was offered new job.


Party waits at Garask’s place (low lifestyle area in Renton near the airport. 3200 East Valley Road, Renton WA

6:00 PM
Message from Orlando: Pick up at 8PM, 1911 21st Avenue South, Seattle, WA [Downtown]

Party arrives at pick up location

7:55PM Message from Orlando: Drop Off : NE 36th St & 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA [Redmond]

Picked up organ from Organ Grinders; Group decides southern route since I95 and 520 Lake Washington Crossings are closed.

Vidarr Deck Attributes

Firewall: 7
DP: 5
Sleaze: 3
Attack: 7


After making unto I405 N, group gets stuck in traffic, 0.5 KM south of exit 30th Street.

9:15 PM
After slowly getting forward because of the traffic, party opts for making a dash to the exit that is only 250m ahead of them. Barely scraping by a squad, their transport is being attacked by a drone, whose attacks misses and hits the squad car instead. Party defends against enemy drone (origin unknown) attacks, and is able to land hits from the vehicle turret as well as a Logic Spike from Vidarr. Enemy decker attacks Garak’s Roadmaster and successfully marks the vehicle and is able to turn it off. Vidarr launches counter attack and enemy decker restarts his device to loose the marks. While Garak restarts the vehicle and gets it rolling again, the drone retreats.

Party arrives at delivery location and is able to deliver the organ within the specified time frame.


Party receives payment for job, plus bonus for completion.

News Headline:

++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++
Knight Errand Officer Attacked!

While lending assistance to a crash site on I405 North, a A Knight Errand office was the target of an attack earlier this evening. Witness reports indicate that the attack was performed by an unmanned aerial drone, similar to the well known MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone. There were no injuries reported in this incident

++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++

Sunday, May 19th

Break in game time for 5 days, in which the characters did the following [skill ranks are final]:

Vidarr bought Virage bike + License under Vidarr SIN

Pilot Groundcraft (1)
Personations (1)
Disguise (1)
Longarms (1)

Sneaking (1)
Pilot Watercraft (1)
Perception (2)

Biofeedback filter for RCC
Remington 950, delivery on 27th of May
100 rnd of Regular ammo

Friday, May 24th

Contacted by Orlando at 2PM: Meet at 7PM at the drop off location from last run (parking garage, Redmond Barrens)

Arrival at meet

Party agreed on condition; 21k upfront, 20k per head+bonus if still alive+can keep gear that they receive from Orlando.

Met Doc Boris, who joined as medic/support.

Party organized for a safe-house in Tacoma, with garage.

Saturday, May 25th

Vidarr has the contact in whose name the safe-house is rented contact someone and put in a rating 3 security system.

Party arrives at NPC Shadowrunner Team safe-house /apartment in Tacoma Vidarr marked the Maglock at the backdoor (host rating 3 (Attack 4, Sleaze 4, DP 5, Firewall 4) and successfully hid in a half full dumpster. Almost fainted from the smell and took a -2 modifier because of the stench.

Vidarr manages to hack the host, and copy the video footage, but GOD convergence kicked him out of the matrix and damaged his deck and he and Garask have to flee to avoid detection and getting caught by local authorities.

They headed back to the safe house, to repair Vidarr’s cyberdeck (4 hours) and repaint the Roadmaster.
After the repair, Vidarr examined the copied surveillance video from the apartment complex.


Footage shows that NPC group entered building 5 days (Tuesday, May 21st) ago.
They find 4 edits of the video tape: 2 four days ago and 2 three days ago

Overview/Time line

In game time line

Thursday May 16th, 2075
2:00 AM Stuffer Shack – Food Fight.
2:10 AM Stoobi, Brandeen and Cody loaded in to Garask’s Roadmaster
2:20 AM Brandeen and Cody dropped off near their apartment
2:25 to 2:50 AM Interrogation (torture) of Stoobie to get Fixer’s name
2:50 AM Vidarr murders Stoobie by electrocution
3:15 AM Stoobie’s body is discarded
3:30 to 5:00 AM group sells loot and attempts repair.
5:00 AM News cast on Trid:

Shootout at Stuffer Shack leaves 1 dead and 2 Injured.

Newscaster: “Just a few hours ago, a gang of hoodlums [camera switches to pixelated security footage from inside the Stuffer’s Shack, showing Crank, Stooby and Fornis entering the store with their weapons drawn] attempted as we can only assume to rob the Stuffer’s Shack on 52nd and East at gun point. The group used a bomb [view cuts to a burning Nissan Jack Rabbit out side of the Stuffer’s] as a distraction to cause confusion and mayhem”

[Camera switches to bored looking Knight Errant police officer]: "In the early hours, 4 suspects exploded a device in fron of the store and subsequently entered the premises with weapons drawn. Confronted with a dangerous situation, a number of the customers reacted to the situation and confronted the alleged robbers [grainy security camera footage of the insight of Garask standing up and confronting Crank verbally] verbally and physical [cut to a view of Vidarr stalking around a shelf and opening up with 2 Streetline Specials on Crank]. We are looking into this incident, and asking that the involved parties come forward and assist in the investigation. We are conducting interviews with the alleged victims of this almost robbery [in the background you can see Vern and Veronica being seated in a squad car] and are confident to have this incident resolved soon.
Coincidentally, we further asking for any information in regards to a suspected, heavily armed 3rd party that might have been involved in this incident [Camera veers over to the insufficiently covered bloody body of Joeby, with small flags a few meters away, marking what seem to be several shell casings].

Anyone with information to this incident, please call 1-800-We-PayU. Thank you and we have your back, Seattle! "

[Cut to commercials]

Game Session #2 April 16th


Karma: 6 – 2 for Skill training
Notoriety: 1
Street Cred: 0
Public Awareness: 1

Karma: 4
Notoriety: 1
Street Cred: 0
Public Awareness: 1

Thursday, 16th May 2075
Noonish: Wake up

Garask trained Perception 1, bought Autosofts for drones

Vidarr, repaired deck up to 19 out of 20, bought fake SIN rating 3, licenses 3

10:00 AM.
Vidarr repaired damaged deck, looted from Stuffer’s fight.

1:00 PM,
all awake

Found Bob’s contact

Talked to Bob; who promised to call back later with work, if available

Talked to Brandee, who passed them on to “Orlando” to meet at Crazy Nutters.

2:15 PM

Appointment with Orlando in Crazy Nutters.

Met with Orlando, negotiation + 15%, listened to parts of discussion (Cafe de Paris and morning) Job is to shadow and report on Armin.
2:25 PM

Armin arrived at Crazy Nutters and sits down at Frank’s table.
They overheard Armin talking to “Frank”, but could only understand the words “cafe de paris” and “morning”

2:35 PM

Vidarr slapped a stealth tag on Armin’ jacket, placed a Matrix mark on the car; Garask placed Fly Spy drone (1 hit, stealth) on car.

2:40 PM

Armin and Frank leave the Crazy Nutters and drive of in Armin’s Eurocar Westwind 3000
Matrix search for Le Cafe de Paris, result: high end French Baguetterie/Cafe.

3:00 PM
Party still on Crazy Nutter; tracing Armin via Matric mark and RFID tag

4:30 PM
Armin arrived at his “house” and discovered Garask’s drone with 6 hits.

4:35 PM
Garak’s drone (Gaav) is scouting the Garage. They discovered the door out line, garage door out line, that classical music is playing in the background and a whirling noise (fitness bike). Small open in upper right corner of garage door, large enough for the drone to pass through.

4:45 PM
Garask attempts to fly maneuver the drone through the open to get outside and succeeds. House is a two story, decrepit building, with boarded off doors. They can hear a firefight going on in the distance and see a few people ducked into a doorway, half a block down the street.

They overheard that Armin had found the drone.
Flies drone into the house, through top floor window and scouts the floor. Found room with Armin and Frank talking. And received success on a stealth roll.

Further scouting the house, lower floor empty, hid drone (4 successes) in plastic plant

7:00 PM
Garask start learning Forgery skill (3 hours)

Vidarr programs a +1 attack program and needed 1.5 hours, 8 success extended test (30 min)

Vidarr performs Matrix search for Armin

Former Pit Fighter.
Fake name; real name is Hans Mueller
Between the age of 20 and 50

Friday, May 17th, 2075

6:00 AM
Wake up

7:30 AM
Party meets and drives to the Cafe de Paris to scoop out the location

8:30 AM
Arrival at the cafe and Garask walk in to order a coffee and crepe and drops micro drone in cafe as spy

10:55 AM
Arrives and orders coffee and croissant, sits outdoors; Vidarr takes position in restaurant on opposite side of street.

11:15 AM
Female Shadowrunner arrives; Vidarr slaps mark on phone to record data traffic.

Data chip is exchanged between Armin and Runner.

11:25 AM
Shadowrunner leaves

11:45 AM
Troll Shadowrunner (Sugar Daddy/James) arrives, makes deal with Armin for 285k; Vidarr hacks phone of Troll and sends messages to his wife/gf/? trying to find out name of Troll. Troll discovers and leaves aggravated at around 12:00 Noon, after he smashes his com.

Armin leaves cafe out of the direction he came.

Party picks up the debris from James communicator.
And enjoys a coffee

Vidarr attempted to hack the security system of the Cafe de Paris, and failed.
Current OS: 26

Party heads back back towards the general direction towards Vidarr’s appartment in Everett.

While heading north on I-5, the see police responding to a heavy firefight on I-5, ca 2km north of the parties location.

Party escapes the fire fight, makes it south and switches onto 99 North and resumes north towards Vidarr’s apartment.

Back on I-5

Back at Vidarr’s house in Everett; squad car # 2512; Cop badge ID KE-CH2512

Google search for badge= Officer Charles Higgs

Vidarr called Brandeen and inquired about the officer Hicks and the I-5 fight
And Party headed back to Armin’s safe house.

Party arrives at Armin’s safe house and discovers that the stealth tag and the matrix marks on the car are still inside the house.

Party writes report (3 successes), encrypts it (6 successes) and drops it at Orlando’s dropbox and leave voice mail “At targets house. How to proceed?”

Reply: “Target Location?”

Party send: “Currently working on that.”

16:37 – 16:39PM
Raiding Party from Aztec arrives at save house, discovers Garak’s truck, but ignores it for now.

Raiding party splits up, 4 raiders at the garage, 4 for the back door

Raiders breach the garage and the backdoor and enter premises.


Phoenix materializes in safe house and blows up the house and the raider team.

Vidarr recovers golden ring and fingerprints from raider that was thrown out of the house into the backyard.

18:00 PM
Garaks repairs roadmaster (20 minuters – 18:20PM)

Vidarr examines the ring (massive gold, stylized feathered serpent)
Matrix search (4 hits on serpent) central america, logo of gang or shadowrunner team or mercenary team or corporate strike team. Vidarr calls his cop buddy (Jim Cropky) and requests fingerprint search from the raider, and info on the logo.

Vidarr repairs James’ com in around 1 hour.

Garask’s continues to work on his Forgery (5 hours) and Vidarr watches trid until bed time.

Saturday, May 18th

Email from Officer Cropky

Yo Chummer,

Tell me, Vidarr.. In what kind of drek are you involved now? That Feathered Serpent logo you had me look up belongs to some kind of mercenary group out of Aztlan. See the details further down.

The fingerprint you gave me belongs to a guy named Santiago Garcia, who came to Seattle via SeaTac International on the 10th of this month by direct flight from Tenochtitlan. Interestingly enough, the fingerprint also seems to be related to a house fire in Redmond last night and belonged to the aforementioned Santiago Garcia, only that he was burnt to a crisp. So, tell me Vidarr, how did you get that fingerprint? Did you have anything to do with that fire? Or do you have any information about why an Aztlan mercenary team would hit that particular place?

Of course there is no information about Santiago Garcia, however, I believe that this is a burn ID used for travelling.

Results Stylized Serpent Feather Motif


The feathered serpent is a logo of the group of professionals who are based out of Tenochtitlan, the capital of Aztlan. The group is known as La Serpiente Verde.

Information about the group are sparse, but it is rumored that they are sometimes work as mercenaries and are hired assets for Aztechnology, specializing in corporate asset extraction and recovery. More detailed information about La Serpiente Verde is extremely hard to come by and would cost you a nice sum of nuyen and would need extremely well placed connections.

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