Session 6

A new Job

Party prepares report to Orlando and sends it off encrypted.

Answer from Orlando (money 5k +150 daily fee)) and come to Crazy Nutters at 4 PM

4:00 PM
Arrival at Crazy Nutters, meeting with Orlando.

Party was offered new job.


Party waits at Garask’s place (low lifestyle area in Renton near the airport. 3200 East Valley Road, Renton WA

6:00 PM
Message from Orlando: Pick up at 8PM, 1911 21st Avenue South, Seattle, WA [Downtown]

Party arrives at pick up location

7:55PM Message from Orlando: Drop Off : NE 36th St & 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA [Redmond]

Picked up organ from Organ Grinders; Group decides southern route since I95 and 520 Lake Washington Crossings are closed.

Vidarr Deck Attributes

Firewall: 7
DP: 5
Sleaze: 3
Attack: 7


After making unto I405 N, group gets stuck in traffic, 0.5 KM south of exit 30th Street.

9:15 PM
After slowly getting forward because of the traffic, party opts for making a dash to the exit that is only 250m ahead of them. Barely scraping by a squad, their transport is being attacked by a drone, whose attacks misses and hits the squad car instead. Party defends against enemy drone (origin unknown) attacks, and is able to land hits from the vehicle turret as well as a Logic Spike from Vidarr. Enemy decker attacks Garak’s Roadmaster and successfully marks the vehicle and is able to turn it off. Vidarr launches counter attack and enemy decker restarts his device to loose the marks. While Garak restarts the vehicle and gets it rolling again, the drone retreats.

Party arrives at delivery location and is able to deliver the organ within the specified time frame.


Party receives payment for job, plus bonus for completion.

News Headline:

++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++
Knight Errand Officer Attacked!

While lending assistance to a crash site on I405 North, a A Knight Errand office was the target of an attack earlier this evening. Witness reports indicate that the attack was performed by an unmanned aerial drone, similar to the well known MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone. There were no injuries reported in this incident

++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++ ++++ HEADLINE ++++

Sunday, May 19th

Break in game time for 5 days, in which the characters did the following [skill ranks are final]:

Vidarr bought Virage bike + License under Vidarr SIN

Pilot Groundcraft (1)
Personations (1)
Disguise (1)
Longarms (1)

Sneaking (1)
Pilot Watercraft (1)
Perception (2)

Biofeedback filter for RCC
Remington 950, delivery on 27th of May
100 rnd of Regular ammo

Friday, May 24th

Contacted by Orlando at 2PM: Meet at 7PM at the drop off location from last run (parking garage, Redmond Barrens)

Arrival at meet

Party agreed on condition; 21k upfront, 20k per head+bonus if still alive+can keep gear that they receive from Orlando.

Met Doc Boris, who joined as medic/support.

Party organized for a safe-house in Tacoma, with garage.

Saturday, May 25th

Vidarr has the contact in whose name the safe-house is rented contact someone and put in a rating 3 security system.

Party arrives at NPC Shadowrunner Team safe-house /apartment in Tacoma Vidarr marked the Maglock at the backdoor (host rating 3 (Attack 4, Sleaze 4, DP 5, Firewall 4) and successfully hid in a half full dumpster. Almost fainted from the smell and took a -2 modifier because of the stench.

Vidarr manages to hack the host, and copy the video footage, but GOD convergence kicked him out of the matrix and damaged his deck and he and Garask have to flee to avoid detection and getting caught by local authorities.

They headed back to the safe house, to repair Vidarr’s cyberdeck (4 hours) and repaint the Roadmaster.
After the repair, Vidarr examined the copied surveillance video from the apartment complex.


Footage shows that NPC group entered building 5 days (Tuesday, May 21st) ago.
They find 4 edits of the video tape: 2 four days ago and 2 three days ago


Thomen Thomen

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